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Own content

Use the flexibility of the system and present your own content in addition to the call for patients and the supporting program. Present the practice or clinic, publish your IGeL services and increase your sales.

Modular and scalable

It doesn't matter whether it's a small practice or a clinic with several calling areas. The patient call system with the Oxygen.Q software and the entire hardware is modular and scalable. Use all the advantages of the system.

Intuitive interfaces

Easy to use and intuitive user interface. Quick orientation for you and your employees. No hours of instruction needed. Modern and barrier-free interface.

Numeric call

No surnames, no first names or other information are called through the practice, only a number or number-letter combination is displayed and thus complies with the DSGVO.

statistical evaluation

View your personal daily, weekly or monthly evaluation. Number of patient calls, average waiting time or total waiting time. Use the statistics, for example, for your quality management or process optimization

ASP solution

You take care of your patients, we take care of the rest. With the ASP solution, we take care of the entire administration, including importing updates or patches, regardless of whether it is a stand-alone solution or network-based.

waiting time display

With the waiting time display, you communicate the average waiting time and, for example, give the patient the opportunity to decide whether they would rather wait in the practice or go and have a coffee in the meantime.

Alarm function for emergencies

Impatient or violent patients? Situation out of control? Notify colleagues, security personnel or the police via the alarm function. Fast help by touch or click.

call via smartphone

Full waiting room? Line up the hallway? Not with oxygen.queue, you give the patient the opportunity to go for a coffee at the bakery around the corner while they are waiting.


Hello! Hello! bon jour! Merhaba! Bye! Hello! Bok! Use the multilingualism of the system and overcome language barriers. In our multicultural society, this is essential and creates trust.

With notice gong

The system is equipped with a notification gong so that no call is missed in the waiting area. With each call, an acoustic signal sounds, which draws the patient's attention to the next call.


The pure patient call is a closed system and is supplied as a stand-alone solution. Everything runs over an independent WLAN network which is only used by the patient call system.

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