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​Simple, web-based access control via your smartphone or tablet. 
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The Corona outbreak has changed our lives and it looks like some changes will remain for the long term. Even if shops and service companies are gradually reopening, we will still have to follow some rules -  and want. This includes access restrictions and distance regulations. And precautions must be taken for this.

We help and support you to protect your customers and yourself. With a simple, effective and free software solution for controlled access. Show your customers and visitors that you act responsibly.

All you need is our free, cloud-based software and a smartphone or tablet with which you can control your customer flow with a tap of a finger on "Allow access" or "Deny access". And a display in the entrance area that shows customers and visitors your selection.

You can use existing devices, procure devices of your choice or look for professional solutions in our shop. With Q.Control you can create your individual, inexpensive solution for access control according to your requirements. With Q.Control you get detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions that make setup a breeze.  

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Are you still missing the right hardware?

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